To Fall & Rise: Life After Financial Crisis

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To Fall and Rise Again: Life after Financial Crisis Exclusively for Our Social Media Fans! “Like” Kaplan Real Estate on Facebook and unlock the special registration page for this private course! You’ve attended and enjoyed Todd Rooker’s instruction in the past; now join him for this special class of To Fall and Rise Again: Life [...]

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Special Class: To Fall and Rise Again – Life after Financial Crisis

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Join Todd Rooker’s special class of To Fall and Rise Again: Life after Financial Crisis. “Like” us on Facebook to save 50% off the regular class registration fee! Turmoil in the financial markets and in real estate values has had a dramatic impact on everyone’s financial picture. The result is that countless Minnesotans and their [...]

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“Buying Within Your Budget” Special Class Offer!

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Buying Within Your Budget Special Class Offer! Join Todd Rooker, in combination with Kaplan, for a special Buying Within Your Budget class. Learn firsthand the budgeting techniques Todd consistently covers on his ESPN 1500 radio program, Cover Your Assets. This class will arm you with the insight and tools necessary to make effective, smart decisions [...]

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THIS WEEK’S SHOW: Asset Protection Strategies – The Best Offense is a Good Defense!

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When it comes down to your business and/or real estate planning and asset preservation, the best offense is a good defense! People and businesses spend so much time working on their offense, that they neglect protecting the gains they make with a proper defense. Tune in on the Cover Your Assets show this Saturday with [...]


THIS WEEK’S SHOW: Get a Glimpse of Todd’s New Course: Strategic Default & The Path Back

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Increasingly, individuals and families who are financially secure in most areas, find themselves severely “under water” on their home. While there are many options available, many are considering strategic default. While it is a logical financial consideration for many, for many others it poses a moral and ethical dilemma. Are you thinking of walking away [...]

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THIS WEEK’S SHOW: Real Estate Education Updates with Kaplan Professional

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Are you pursuing a career in real estate, appraisal, home inspection, mortgage, insurance, or securities? Are you seeking your initial license, exam preparation, continuing education, or professional development in Real Estate? Success in your professional and financial life is linked to education, but many people find sitting in class and listening to straight lectures simply [...]

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